A nice walk … but I’m tired …

I need to slow down a little. I was chatting with the nurse from our insurance company yesterday. She asked, ‘how much are you walking, 10, 15 minutes?’ … I’m like, 1-2 hours … it’s a bit of a different scale.

In some ways, I’m far exceeding where I should be at this point. I’m approaching 4 weeks since surgery. I’m now walking 4-5 km per day – today was a little longer and on a trail I wish we found sooner. It was quite pretty (the Penitencia Creek Path up at Alum Rock park).

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That being said, I need to take it a little easier. Tomorrow will be my off day – where I won’t be going out for a walk. I will try for two days off per week – to allow my ankles and my knees to recover from the walk days – but also because my body just needs a day off now and then.

In addition to the aches and pains associated with surgery, I’m also feeling aches and pains associated with the aftermath of chemotherapy (post-chemo arthralgias). The aches can get so bad in my hands that I cannot flush the toilet (I need to use my whole hand in a fist to have the strength for the pressure to push down the handle). I also get aches in my knees and ankles. Fortunately, this is treated with ibuprofen – within 15 minutes of taking a dose the aches and pains go away only to return before the next dose. It is frustrating to say the least.

I also still have two drains in – abdominal drains that involve two hoses coming out of my pubic region. I have an appointment on Tuesday in which at least one (hoping for both) will be removed. They are still producing more fluid than would indicate that they should be removed, but it is starting to get close … so perhaps a day of rest tomorrow will help with the reduction of output.

In general, I’m doing well but I’m getting tired of all this recovery. I want to feel better faster. I want to get back on my bike (soon – I have to wait one week after the drains come out) … one step at a time …


  • Becky


  • Hugs. Totally understandable why someone as active as you is going beyond what others would be doing at this point. Most outsiders would probably have no idea about the aftereffects ur describing now

  • Your last comment said it best: “One step at a time.”

  • Patience has never been you strong suit. Take time to smell the roses,snapdragon, or what ever flowers are blooming. The body needs to relax and recoup just as much as it needs to excerise.
    Love Ya!

  • I know this one Becky. Letting go and letting the amazing body do its thing in its time is a real good lesson to learn..and relearn ,,, and relearn. Breathing long and slow has helped me. Lots of gentle (hugs).

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