The end of active treatment …

Emotions flood over me in waves. Whenever I think about it, I cannot stop crying. It has been a roller coaster of a journey, and it is now officially over!

What do I mean? As of Dec 17th, I’m cancer free. The double mastectomy removed the last bits of cancer from my breasts. The pathology showed a .7cm mass in my left breast – the ever elusive L2 that wasn’t found in the lumpectomies. Other than that, everything else was clear, including the lymph nodes within the breasts. My surgeon said she saw no reason for radiation – and to follow up in a month to see how the incisions are healing.

My oncologist entered the room and said that he was surprised that all my nodes were clear. The prognosis is much better given that the cancer never spread beyond the breast tissue. Now that I don’t have any breast tissue left, the only places for spread are against the chest wall and on the skin and incisions.

So today marks the end of active treatment. My tears are of relief … it is finally over.

The next step is a pill called tamoxifen (prescription has been sent to my pharmacy), which is taken once a day for 10 years (or until my body goes into menopause – at which time it is switched over to an aromatise inhibitor). This pill suppresses my bodies ability to create estrogen – the primary thing that fed my cancer. I am to start tamoxifen once I am a little more healed from the surgery – so they know what is causing what symptoms. The surgery itself was pretty major, so my body needs a few more weeks to heal.

So now I need to wean myself off the pain meds so that I can enjoy a good glass of wine to celebrate the new year – free of cancer – starting over.

Recovery is still a pretty long road. My hematocrit tanked again (lower than ever), so I find myself easily out of breath while walking or climbing a single flight of stairs. My incisions are healing well. I still have a couple of drains which I’ll probably have until next Monday as they are still producing a fair amount of fluid. So for the next week, we shall take one step at a time, trying to increase my walking distance and awaiting the day when I can get back on the bike …


  • Becky


  • Wonderful news! What a relief!

  • Fantastic! I can feel your relief. It’s been a long journey to this milestone: thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Very good news Rebecca! Learning from the dark times is something very important in your nature that makes this blog valuable to all of us. Your tree must be happy too:-)

  • Fantastic news. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  • So happy to hear your news. After such a long and brave journey, it is wonderful that you will enter 2015 on a positive and joyous note. Cheers to you and Scott!

  • Excellent!
    Now that’s a great way to start 2015. Keep having & spreading great news!

  • This is amazing news! So happy for you and hope all goes smoothly from here; gr8 way to start the new year. Thank u for sharing so much of yourself here

  • We are very very happy to hear this news Becky. Rest easy. Love Jan and Colleen xox

  • Great news! Hope you had a good holiday season!

  • This brings it all back to me, even now five years later. You’re doing so well, stay strong, your body will heal itself, but it just takes time. Sending love and strength your way, as you are almost in the home stretch now. xo

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