Home sweet home

This morning began with a shower. Being efficiency minded as we are wont to be, we used this as an opportunity to strip and empty drains and change all dressings (required once per day). I didn’t choose to use soap in this shower – since it was my first one – I simply hopped into the shower with trains in a belt draped around my neck, and sat on my shower chair, allowing the shower to rinse of six days of hospital sweat and general yuckiness off my skin.

It felt glorious to have some hot water run over me. Tomorrow I’ll introduce some soap into the mix – washing my hair and face.

Afterwards, it occurred to me that I needed to put somewhat presentable clothes on, since I want to be able to walk, and there isn’t really the space in my apartment to walk – so I need to get dressed to go walking along the inner court yards of my apartment. When I realized that what I had chosen to wear was actually colour coordinated, I had to get a picture 🙂

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  • Becky


  • Looking great. Glad you”re home.

  • Bet one of your meds is for colour coordination:-)

  • Welcome home, and merry xmas

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