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So the neuropathy in my finger tips must be getting better because, when the nail doctor ‘trimmed’ off the bad nails, I was left with areas of my nails having a very odd sensation – and there is no mistaking that I’m feeling it! The doctor trimmed the bad parts but I told him that I’d have to fire him as an esthetician. For the remainder of the afternoon I was paranoid about my nails getting caught on things.

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So, tomorrow I have a follow up appointment with the nail doctor – at his other clinic – where he will remove both my big toes. The one on the right is showing signs of cultivating an infection.

One the directions from the nail doctor was that I was not to do dishes until my nails have cleared up 🙂 … so there you have it … (to be honest Scott had already been doing the dishes 90% of the time, so this won’t really be a change) …

[Correction: For those who were overly worried (e.g. my husband) I will not be having my big toes removed! Rather, I’ll be having the nails on my big toes excised (removed) .. the toes themselves are perfectly healthy. Now the dishes, that relates more to the finger nails growing back properly rather than the toe nails, as I shan’t be doing the dishes with my feet! … perhaps I should not be writing blog posts when I’m tired]

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  • How many people do I know who would celebrate feeling pain, and see the bright side of not-washing-dishes while having to remove toenails?

  • Thanks for clearing that up.

  • I was worried about the toe thing too but thought it insensitive to make up a joke that included Captain Ahab and wearing your high heels backwards. That middle nail looks like the nail I closed in my truck door over 10 years ago. It’s never forgiven me and still looks bad. At the time a blood blister formed under it and was hugely painful. The “cure” according to the nursing hot line was to drain the blister by poking a hole in the nail with a red hot sewing needle. Not that the needle thing has anything to do with but have you ever damaged that nail?

    As for dishes I like doing them as a kind of domestic meditation. Similar to vacuuming but I wouldn’t rush home to do it.

  • Obviously it was necessary to have the doctor fix you up because of the cause of the problem and seriuousness. But I’d Love to know how much a Nail Doctor charges to cut your fingernails! My nail lady always says to me, “Come to Dr. Susan, not the doctor, I do better job!” (And for just $50 mani + pedi). In my case she has been right (lost big toenails due to shoes and went to doctor first for one, Susan for the other). Hope your nails are all fixed up and feelin better soon!

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