Huh, what day is it?

I’ve managed to completely lose track of what day it is. I felt that Tuesday was the weekend, and then yesterday (Tuesday) I took my meds labelled Wednesday. The change in chemo day certain is part of my confusion – because my routines are all changed but still. I shouldn’t have to check my phone multiple times of day to see what day it is!

I had planned on writing another academic blog post today (for my other blog), but those plans got derailed when I checked Facebook this morning – the first message I read was a friend praying that everyone in Ottawa was safe. Oh my! I ended up checking in throughout the day, watching as news unfolded – an attack on parliament in Canada. I used to live about two blocks from parliament. I saw updates from various friends who were in lock-down. Glad I wasn’t there today and glad that my friends are all safe.

It’s the day before my next Taxol infusion and I should be feeling strong, but I’m not. I did go out for a float in the pool and a soak in the hot tub. I alternated between hot and cold, hoping that it might bring back some sensation to my numb skin. I’m experiencing nerve pain which makes me feel weak (weak as in not strong). The pain itself isn’t bad, but distracting, and it makes it difficult for me to focus, it also saps me of energy. My feet an numb as is much of my skin (feels rather odd really). Glad that I have only two more weeks of this, then my body will be allowed to begin mending itself.

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  • Today is Thursday, after today, only one more, seven more days, Yah! You’ll make it, think about Hawaii. Love you

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