When I don’t blog … and an update

When I don’t blog, please don’t worry. Take a look at rjh.goingeast.ca to see if I’m blogging over there (I have been writing about patient engagement more generically on my academic blog). I am touched that so many people are reading my blog – and that they worry when I don’t write.

Writing everyday is work. It takes time, but it also takes inspiration. I try to remind myself that I will want a record of how I’m feeling – and that I should write it down. But I don’t always have the words. I sometimes feel like I just don’t have anything interesting to say. On those days, I don’t blog. Do you really want to know that I spent the day resting and watching TV? Perhaps. Perhaps I should throw out a quick message that says “I’m OK, just taking a day off” … I will need to think about that …

With the T-chemo (Taxol), I’m now on a weekly schedule. There are a bunch of side-effects, some of which get better as my body gets used to the new regime, others which are cumulative. I don’t yet know which will be which. So far, the worst of the side-effects (face & eye redness, nerves firing off, joint pain) seem to be of the type that gets less severe as my body gets accustomed to the new regime. So far, this cycle has been much better than last – I am feeling my strength coming back.

I do, however, note that I’m really productive on the first couple of days of the cycle – Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday (both academically productive and errand running productive). Thursday and Friday are usually the days I mostly want to sleep and watch TV. I feel fatigued, and I’m not motivate to get out. That being said, Thursday is also the day I am trying to get out for a regular walk with my friends – so the distraction that is caused by a visit with friends makes the day go a lot better – however, it means I’m not likely to blog that day. The limited energy that I have is spent walking and visiting with friends – there is nothing left for blogging.

So, if I’m not blogging, imagine me out walking with friends (next week, I’ll be walking on Thursday, sailing and camping on Friday – so likely won’t be blogging Thursday through Saturday – but I shall be well – enjoying the good company of friends and communing with nature).

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