Today’s side-effect – cognitive numbness

I was fine this morning. I woke up feeling pretty good, but have since experienced a cognitive decline. I did get out to run a few errands, which involved driving. I was fine when I first set out, but not doing too well by the time I got home about 90-minutes later.

After my bike adventure yesterday, I brought my wheel in for repair. The rim is dead – so a new rim was in order. The total cost of this repair will be about $200. Although the rim itself is only $60, the cost of rebuild the wheel in labour adds up. I suppose this isn’t unreasonable given the bike is over 10 years old, and this is the first significant equipment failure.

Walking into the bike shop I began to notice some numbness in my step. Noticing that I’m not completely feeling my feet. I associate that with neuropathy. On the drive home, I begin to notice that my multitasking abilities are going. I notice that there is some mental separation going on between me and the world around me. The best way for me to describe it is almost a drunkenness. It is at this point, that I make my way home and decide that I shan’t be driving until this cognitive numbness fades. Even as I type, I have numbness in my hands – again, I had originally thought of it as neuropathy, but now I’m seeing it more as an overall cognitive numbness rather than a specific feeling of numbness in my hands.

I tell myself, that now would not be a good time for making any major life decisions – or even doing any serious academic work. My mind is just not as sharp as it should be.

I am still planning to go out for a bike ride. I think the exercise will do me well, and hopefully will help clear my mind of the fog. With my road bike out of commission, I’m going to ride my ‘bent today. I had a hint of some nerve pains last night before bed, but they haven’t returned yet today – so I’m hoping they stay away. I want to get the bike ride in today just in case the nerve pain starts again – if it hits as bad as it did last cycle I won’t be physically able to ride – so must get out while I can. On the fatigue front I’m doing much better this cycle than last. I’m not feeling the overwhelming tiredness I had at this time last cycle. So, there is hope that I am rebuilding my strength.

Definitely experiencing ‘chemo brain’ today!

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