I wasn’t sure …

… but I’m pretty certain now … my oncologist warned that it might happen, and that I should not worry … it has no relation to the effectiveness of the chemo …

… the hair on my head has started to grow back! It is still pretty thin – where I had mostly shiny head before, I’m starting to show a 5 o’clock shadow. It will likely be several months before I have “hair”, but I can definitely feel the difference in the stubbliness of my scalp.

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  • Becky


  • Yup… I can almost touch it Becky ! Great smile xo Colleen

    • Your smile is contagious!

  • Not sure why but this post feels like a wee transition marker…like you’re coming out the other side of the chemo tunnel! From the expectation of losing your hair to the rebirth of peach fuzz 🙂

    Love your smile! It’s beautiful. Thinking of you!

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