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Today I was pretty grumpy by the time we made it into infusion. I ended up waiting an hour after my appointment time before I got a chair – they were out of chairs and beds, so I had to wait until one cleared. Then when I got one, it was in the corner – it feels like I’m tucked away. The person beside me had the curtain drawn so I felt like I was in a little cave. I was already grumpy, so waiting an extra hour and getting a crappy spot didn’t make me happy.

Then the order in the system was wrong. It showed the amount of steroid I was on for cycles one and two (20mg) instead of the change we made last cycle (8mg). As I write we are still waiting confirmation, but we did manage to get the nurse to let me take 8mg while we wait for the call from my oncologist (the nurse checked with my oncologists nurse practitioner). Because I take the steroid by pill, I need to wait 30 minutes after taking the steroid before chemo – so waiting for the call back and then having to wait another 30 minutes was really trying my patience.

Honestly, I’m just getting tired of the chemo routine. The last few weeks I’ve had more bad days than good days. I keep hoping for a rebound, but it isn’t coming as quickly as I’d like. After today I will be 1/3 of the way through taxol. Can’t wait for this to be done!

Fortunately the nurses are so friendly that after a few minutes, I started to feel a little less grumpy – to that is good. I don’t like grumpy Becky!

We had some time between the blood draw and the infusion appointment, so we walked over to my tree for photos and sat down and enjoyed a brief picnic lunch.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

  • Becky


  • I take my nausea pre-meds in the car on the way to the clinic. In the smaller clinic closer to us we can get private rooms but prefer the main room. Two hours is a long time to be a patient patient and distractions are welcome:-) The tree, you and Scott don’t look too grumpy so everyone must have got steroids.

    Still reading your breast reconstruction blog and as a guy not sure about commenting. When they cut the tumor out of my lower intestine there weren’t any clever comments that were publishable. Have to make up something cheery like the boob job saying.

    Almost tried my bike today but felt too dizzy so I better get some training wheels or a trike. Saw a kid on what looked like a go cart that can be peddled and wondered if it could also be powered by a mechanism like a rowing machine? Be great in the snow.

    These look like fun:
    Elliptigo elliptical bicycles
    Yellow Horse Playground Spring must be a way to add wheels.
    Blue Whale Playground Spring same idea as the horse but eco-friendlier

    Scott J

  • Yeah, I hear ya Becky, big hugs 00×00 Colleen

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