My ‘cancerversary’

I have found myself wondering, what day would I recognize as my ‘cancerversary’. This is typically the day you find out you have cancer. It becomes a significant anniversary in your life after cancer – as does the first day you are told you are ‘cancer free’.

Rather than choosing the day the radiologist confirmed cancer, I am choosing the day that I noticed something was different. That day, Scott and I went on a 27km bike ride around the Alviso Slough on the southern tip of San Francisco Bay (just north of where we live now).

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 13.29.03

I took several nice pictures, including these.



When I got home, I hopped in the shower as usual. Everything seemed rather normal until I went to dry off. The discharge from my left nipple was green (it was not abnormal for me to have clear discharge). I’m not sure if I noticed the change in shape then (a little concave bit above the nipple) but I did notice that when I laid down that there was a harder spot – but to me it felt more like a contracted muscle. I thought maybe I had pulled something.

In the following days, I Google’d green discharge to see that it was no necessarily abnormal. Red is definitely a bad sign, but green wasn’t. The following Monday, June 9th, I decided to call my family doctor – cause well – it was better to have peace of mind. I even said “I think I’m being neurotic and it is nothing, but thought I’d get it checked”. The look on her face when she checked was pretty telling. It needed to be checked because there was definitely ‘something’ there.

Anyways, I’m derailing. The point is, I first noticed the change on June 1st. So, although the change was confirmed by the radiologist on June 12 (with 98% certainty, they couldn’t be 100% certain until the pathology was back the following Monday), I think I shall indicate my ‘cancerversary’ as June 1st. It will be interesting to see what my reflections reveal on that date next year!



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