Is it tired or it is fatigue?

I find myself asking the question, am I tired? or am I fatigued? I used to think it was the same thing. I’m learning that it is not.

The symptoms are similar if not the same. Heavy eyelids, yawning, lack of energy.

When I’m tired, I can take a nap and I usually fall asleep quickly. When I’m fatigued, laying in bed results in restless lying around, and sleep does not come. Fatigue responds better to exercise than it does to sleep; however, overcoming the inertia of fatigue in order to get to the exercise is a challenge.

For the most part, this chemo cycle has been easier on me than the first cycle. I knew what to expect and I knew when to take which medications, and I charted out which days to avoid certain activities. I managed the side effects a lot better. However, the one side effect that I felt more of throughout, was fatigue. At various times, I found myself weighted down with fatigue. I felt tired but napping was ineffective.

Now that I appreciate the difference, I know what to do. This morning I was definitely feeling fatigue. Trying to go back to sleep didn’t help. Hopping in the pool and swimming 800m did. Feeling much more full of energy now – hopefully enough to tackle Costco and Safeway so the house is well stocked when nausea hits!

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