Courting a new lover

Have not told anyone, but have been dating a gentleman named NED. I’m serious about the relationship – but he won’t commit and this is causing much anxiety and grief. I want to marry him and live happily ever after – but NED refuses to commit. He is an incredible lover and makes me feel alive and momentarily safe. Unfortunately, discovered that he is dating countless others – but I choose to continue our relationship. My past life is littered with commitment phobic guys – and I should know better – but I cannot resist this guy’s charisma.

He knows just when to appear, and how to look into my soul to give me hope of a future together. I cherish him for the hope he gives, and how good he makes me feel. At the same time, I despise his fickle nature and question any promise he makes. Yesterday NED accompanied me to a doc appointment and held my hand. Whenever NED appears – he always brings temporary peace and joy – but I still distrust him and feel guilty for my lack of loyalty. Can anyone relate?

Anyone diagnosed with Cancer probably already knows NED and are familiar with his charms. For those who are not familiar with NED – it is an acronym for: No Evidence of Disease. (by Cathy Foster)

  • Becky


  • Hi Becky, just to let you know that I have been keeping up with your posts. They are rather inspiring. Sending you and Scott heaps of love,


  • Hello, I came to your site from “Nancy’s Point”. I wanted to thank you for writing your blog, I have just finished treatment for bilateral breast cancer and so much of your process resonated for me even though our treatment plans are completely different. I have 2 types of cancer: lobular (left) and IDC (right) and I opted not to do chemo (not very effective for lobular) and have lumpectomies on both breasts followed by radiation. The mastectomy decision was a big one for me and so much of what you wrote was part of my own process (one breast or two, as my right breast only had a 3mm tumour), plus the whole issue of lopsidedness which is not talked about as much as it should be. I know of several women who went the PMX route 6 months after their initial mastectomy due to balance issues. I wish you well in your journey and thank you again for sharing your story.
    – Wendy, Vancouver BC

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