A challenge for my Canadian friends (limited time offer)

So, my fundraising for the Avon Walk (equivalent to the weekend to end women’s cancers in Canada) has pretty much stalled. I know that I have a lot of Canadian readers, who won’t get tax receipts for donating to my Avon walk, so I have a deal for you.

If you make a donation to support someone running in the Terry Fox run this year, or a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation, and let me know, I’ll make the equivalent amount as a pledge on your behalf to my Avon walk ($2000 max on this offer). So you can donate to a great Canadian-based charity and get a tax receipt, and we will donate to a US charity – and twice as much money will go to charity.

You can donate directly to the Terry Fox Foundation on their website: http://terryfox.org. The Terry Fox run is on September 14th this year, so this offer will expire on that day. When you let me know how much you have donated, also please let me know what you’d like to say on my banner page at: http://info.avonfoundation.org/goto/rjhogue.

Thanks everyone!

  • Becky


  • Hi Becky,
    Donated $50.00 to Fox foundation.
    Best of luck in reaching your target.

  • 20 from us

  • Hi Rebecca,
    Donated $50 to the Terry Fox Foundation. Sponsoring a colleague in MTL.

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