Day 3 is just plain hard

Today is day 3 and it is a hard day. It was a hard day last cycle too. I am thankful that there will only be two more cycles of AC and that means only two more day threes.

Why is day three so hard? The neulasta pains are crazy. It isn’t a new kind of muscle pain – pain from the inside out. It hurts to swallow but it isn’t a sore throat. It is the muscles around the throat and the neck that all just plain hurt. And this makes me feel sad.

I walked this morning, and I even biked a short bit this afternoon, but that didn’t seem to prevent the pains – although it was nice to get out – it is also very hot outside today – so I am thankful that we have central air!  But it is still hard. It is a day a sleep a lot and watch TV a lot …

The biopsy on Monday means I couldn’t swim today, so I missed my magical afternoon swimming with my clothing on. I will not allow anything to disrupt that routine next cycle as I think it is one of the things that helps me get through it. I’d also like to do Reiki on day 3, but my Reiki healer is away this week, so I don’t see her until Tuesday. Hopefully, she will be in next cycle.

So, now I know, day 3 is hard, but it is just one day … tomorrow will be better.

The good news today is that we finally got some of the scheduling figured out. There was a mix up on the schedule for chemo, so they had the wrong type listed for the second round. So, now I know my last infusion date is set for November 17th.  So, surgery will be either December 10 or December 17 (I need to decide which date to have them hold). So, Hawaii will be the week of December 1st … something to look forward to …

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  • Probably should put this comment in the right place but I’m here so… Your posting on sexuality was quite useful and healing for Leslie and me. It seems to have marked a return to being “in touch” that had become another casualty of illness for both of us. Thank you Rebecca:-) Plus, on a possibly related note, we worked together later in the day to wash the vinyl siding on our tragically suburban house–and it was fun! I’m thinking of making a Viagra type commercial on the renewing effects running a sponge over vinyl on a sunny afternoon with my favourite person;-)

    Sorry to hear about the pain and having to endure it. Sounds like it snuck up on you?

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