A pre-treatment trip

One of the bits of advice I received was to try and get away before you start treatment. Both Scott and I needed a couple of days to enjoy ourselves and enjoy nature. Since we already had plans to head up to Yosemite, we decide that we would modify our plans slightly and still go up. We left early on Tuesday morning and spent the night at the historic Wawona Hotel. This allowed us to spend two days hiking and biking around Yosemite.

On the drive up, we stopped briefly at the Don Pedro Reservoir. It reminded me very much of the Dead Sea from our Going East adventure. I’m finding that a lot of things are reminding me of various aspects of our Going East adventure.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

My favourite selfie of the trip. The giant sequoia in the background had branches that were 7 feet thick – thicker than any non-sequoia tree in the park. It was amazing to see. I was also struck but how different the sequoias are from the giant redwoods in Big Basin.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We took a lot of photos, so I’ve put them in a gallery for anyone interested in seeing them.

We now have a few days to prep the apartment, go sailing, and biking before chemo starts on Monday. I’m feeling ready for it now – much more ready than I was even a few days ago.

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