They say …

not to read too much on the Internet, and yet it is the internet that is helping ensure I am better prepared for chemo. There are a few things no one mentioned to me, that I’m now finding out:

  • You should go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned prior to chemo. You should not have teeth cleaning during chemo as there is a risk of infection, but also chemo can cause mouth sores, which makes a dental cleaning that much more difficult. So, I found a dentist and had my teeth cleaned last week.
  • I’m now seeing that I might need a shingles vaccine. I think this is a live vaccine, so cannot be given during chemo. I might already be too late (t minus 1 week).

I have no idea what else I’m missing … but the best bit of advice I’ve had so far is to take some time off before going into treatment. We are still planning to head up to Yosemite on Monday after my ultrasound – but we are opting for a hotel rather than a campsite. I need to know that I have access to showers, so my port incisions don’t get infected. Although it is not the same as camping, it will still be nice to spend some time hiking and meditating in nature.

  • Becky

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  • Thank YOU for making the internet a much more informative and supportive place via this blog you’re writing.
    The ones who say you shouldn’t trust the internet assume digital/info illiteracy. Most of is now know Mayo clinic from WebMD and know how to verify our sources, as well as value bloggers like you 🙂

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