A typo and an update

Sorry, I clearly need to do a better job proof reading … I don’t have enough information yet to be talking about stages. Stage is a measure of the progression of the disease, and more needs to be known. I’m guessing stage 2 based on the size of the tumor on the left breast, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

I did have confirmation that I have cancer in both breasts – so both breasts are grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) – which I shall now refer to as IDC cause the other is too hard to type.

I am awaiting (numb to feelings at the moment) the results on the receptors. I’m hoping for a positive on something at this point, as the receptors tell the oncologists which types of chemotherapy work.

  • Becky


  • That’s a big relief to hear stage 2 not 3. I hope you’re right because I’ve been worrying about you all day.

  • Rebecca, hope I didn’t sound too gruff on F.B. This kind of information is a shock to the person receiving it as well as their friends. You can’t prepare for it and talking about mortality things is clumsy and often falls to sounding dumb. But rule one here is to respond and if needs be sound foolish. (Beats sounding professional, distant, calm or in-control because all those are fake–it’s frightening, that’s it).

    My first experience with heart failure was to attend a test and to be pulled off the treadmill and told, out of the blue, I had 3 months to live without a new aortic valve. Then that there were complications that were pretty likely to kill me in the process replacing the valve. A few weeks of tests accompanied with disorientation. And I wake up alive one afternoon.

    Been through 3 more versions since then and the trick is to stay connected and, silly as it sounds, not accept death by this manner or by this freaking complication in your life.

    It helps that you are good at monitoring yourself and it also helps to let go, lose it and come back. See how that feels when control returns. It does return.

    Take Care,

    • Thank-you.

  • Relieved about stage 2 (but awaiting confirmation from you here when you know and are ready to post updates).

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