Not blogging much – and transitions

I haven’t been blogging that much lately. Mostly my writing energy has been taken up by my dissertation. I finished the first draft of all my analysis chapters yesterday. Now I go back to the beginning and fill in any gaps that I left. It is an exciting feeling knowing that I’m finally making progress again. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am also writing a lot for the classes I’m teaching. I took on a new class this semester – I’m co-teaching a class on learning theories. I love learning theories, so it is great to have the opportunity to go through the latest research and articles in search of good content for the class. I’m also creating explainer videos like this one: I didn’t realize how much I missed building things like this. I love creating things using educational technologies.

With progress on my dissertation and having made 4 years in remission, I’m starting to see that a transition is coming in my life. I don’t quite know what it will be. I can see a time when I’m not working on my dissertation and I have more free time to do other things.

Maybe the transition is that I am leaving 2018 behind. I’ve always identified more with Chinese New Year than the calendar new year. I think because it aligns more with my birthday, so I feel the year changing a lot more than I do when the calendar year changes.

I feel like this will be a year of transition for me …

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  • Goal: Have Becky teach me how to make cool videos like that!! 🙂

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