First day of chemo

So today was day 1 of chemo. It was a little emotional when she pushed the Doxorubicin (A) – they closed the curtains when I started crying – but the emotions didn’t last too long. The A only took about 10 minutes (three vials).

While they were doing it, the person across from me was serenaded. When you have your last treatment, all the nurses get together and sing you a goodbye song “hey now your chemo is done”.

The Cyclophosphamide (C) takes an hour via IV drip bag. I don’t notice much except the smell. Even with the saline I notice a smell. It is kind of weird because it is a smell that comes from the inside of my nose, rather than something outside. Very odd.

I am very thankful that Scott is here. He has been refilling my water bottle and retrieving random things from my bag, so I can sit back in the lazy boy and relax.

So far, so good.

  • Becky

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