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I’ve created an Amazon Affiliate Store with products that I’ve found useful throughout my breast cancer treatment and recovery. If you buy anything from the links I provide, I get a small referral bonus:

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Other Websites

As I do various bits of research regarding breast cancer, I am very cautious about what I read on the Internet. I’ve found some websites to be particularly useful, so I’ve listed them here:

Free Stuff

  • Good Wishes. Gives away free headscarves for those suffering hair-loss. 
  • Post treatment navigator – a great resource not just for post-treatment. It has a thorough section with definitions. Written for young survivors so may be more useful for any pre-menopausal.
  • Casting for Recovery – Free fly fishing retreats for those living in the US. These retreats are available to anyone who has undergone treatment for breast cancer. You can apply to go any time (even years) after treatment!

General Resources

  • UpToDate – UpToDate is a tool that physicians use to find the latest evidenced-based treatment regimes for a variety of issues. The language is very medical specific. They allow patients/care-givers to purchase subscriptions on a weekly or monthly basis. We find that it gives us an authoritative source to confirm the various drug therapies that are being offered and provides us with useful information on drug reactions and treatment options. Mostly, it helps us confirm that what we are reading in plain english elsewhere is backed up by the state-of-the-art literature in medicine. We are finding it particularly useful in navigating through the chemotherapy process. We will likely not need to renew after chemo unless radiation is required.
  • MyBCTeam – This is a social media site for anyone with breast cancer (past or present). It is very much like Facebook for those who have breast cancer. In addition to ‘like’ing posts, you can also send hugs (nice touch). It is still a fairly young social network, but has already proven to be useful. I’ve met someone who lives near me and shares several interests. We met and spend a great morning chatting over coffee and a walk.
  • Chemocare – This is a website all about chemotherapy created by a foundation sponsored by the figure skater Scott Hamilton. It provide good general descriptions of various medications and their side effects, but it is not breast cancer specific.

Mastectomy without reconstruction resources

  • BreastFree – This is a website that discusses the option of not have reconstruction after mastectomy. As I’m being treated in the US, the assumptions and the pressure for reconstruction is huge. I’ve even found that that lumpectomy plus radiation is often a preferred option over mastectomy. I found this website and the personal stories shared to be a useful presentation of the alternative.
  • Flat and Fabulous Facebook Group – This is a closed Facebook group for women who are considering or who have had double-mastectomies and have chosen not to do reconstruction. In the US in particular, there is a lot of rhetoric around reconstruction. Many places assume that you choose reconstruction, especially if you have breast cancer at a younger age (under 60). This group helps you see the other option. Unlike BreastFree which is website that shares specific stories, this is a social network, where you connect with real women who have or are going through various treatments and have chosen not to opt for reconstruction.

DIEP Flap reconstruction resources

  • Breast Reconstruction option – I found this video by Dr. Lee at Stanford to do a good job of telling me about the different reconstruction options. What they don’t say about DIEP reconstruction is that you don’t have feeling in your new breasts – but you also lose feeling in your abdominal area as well. This may or may not come back over time. It is something to consider.
  • DIEP Flat Reconstruction Facebook group – I’ve found this group really useful for when I want support from someone who understands the reconstruction process – and the recovery from reconstruction. Sometimes its just nice to know you are not alone.
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