Meet Cali

Yesterday I picked her up. Fortunately, the breeder uses a vet that is only 25 minutes from my place, so we arranged for me to pick her up after her shots. I was anxious and clearly so was she. She went into the crate in the car while I settled up the finances, and after less than 10 minutes in the car with the window open (and it being cold and windy) she managed to poop on the edge of the crate near the gate, so I had a hard time getting her out without making a mess. In hindsight, I could have undone the top and lifted her, I didn’t think about it.

I ended up taking her and putting her in one of the carry bags that I made. I’m super thankful for them. They have a short leash build in, so she cannot jump out or move too much when she is in the bag. I ended up putting her in a bag on my lap and driving home petting her when I could and leaving the windows open cause the car stank! By the time we got home she was calm and napping. Fortunately, we were able to get her home and get her cleaned up pretty easily. She doesn’t yet like being away from us. Also, she is still pretty scared of the outside – since yesterday was the first time she experienced it.

One thing I found especially weird was buying dog food at the grocery store. I found weird being a person who needs to buy dog food. That hasn’t been something that has been my responsibility before. What makes this funny is that I don’t at all feel weird about baking dog treats. That didn’t feel at all out of my comfort zone. Perhaps that is because I love to bake for people, and I always get positive feedback on my baking. So, I don’t know that I’m selecting the right store bought food, but I know that whatever I make will be well received (at least for people, Cali hasn’t shown a lot of interest in any food except what she was eating at the breeders – so not even treats!). I suspect that will change as she gets more comfortable with us.

I’m making my own dog treats, but for now I’m buying food. Why? I don’t trust myself to make food that is appropriately well balanced for a puppy – at least not yet. I don’t know what puppies dietary requirements are (other than calcium). I’ve made some peanut butter based treats and some frozen pumpkin & yogurt bones, that help with teething and are also healthy snacks.

It is both lovely and frightening taking on this responsibility. I love that I get to be a caregiver for something (someone). I love the snuggles and unconditional love that a puppy brings. I’m just frightened that I will do something wrong.

After reading about the separation anxiety of leaving the litter, I’m super worried about the first 48 hours. There will be a lot of snuggle time. That won’t be a hardship on my part.

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  • Oh, congratulations, welcome to the dog parenthood club! It’s the most satisfying thing, I envy you the newness of it all. Hugs to the three of you!

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