Dance like no one is watching

I was at a retreat last weekend (at Commonweal). One of the practices we did was embodiment. In those sessions, one of the things we did was move to music – one might call it dancing, but it is more like dancing like no one is watching, as the movements are about doing what feels good in your body.

I love to dance, and I realized that I was missing it. Not any formal dance, just moving to the music. The embodiment sessions helped to remind me that I can do this.

Now, as I work away on my dissertation, every half hour I take a 5 minute break. I’ve now started to play a song in that break and dance – by myself – moving my body like no one is watching. What is interesting, is that after the song ends I find myself smiling. I find myself with more energy, and I find myself eager to get back to work. It was exactly what I needed.

Now, I shall try to remember to keep that practice up. To dance because I love dancing, and I don’t need an audience to do it. I don’t need a group of people. I can do it in my living room by myself – and it will make me smile.

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