Normalcy of Surgery – and my big toe

I am surprised at how I don’t think much of surgery – and yet I’m thinking about it. I’m preparing for it. I’m hoping it is as minor as the last time (Oct 2016). It will be slightly more invasive, as this time I have to be non-weight-bearing for 2 weeks – last time I could put weight on it the immediately.

Tomorrow, I’m have Cartiva artificial cartilage implanted in my big toe. I’m hoping that it will relieve some of the pain I’ve suffered through for years. It bothers me most when I walk – and I love to walk. When it acts up, it bothers me at night. I don’t need to be doing anything – and flexing my toes hurts.

And even with the ‘normalcy’ there is still a little bit of worry. Mostly worry in the logistics of it all. The inability to take an IV in either of my arms makes things likely more complicated. Since the surgery is in my foot, it mean that I only have one foot for a vein – otherwise they need to use a vein in my neck – something I am hoping to avoid.

One thing that I am happy about is that I have a bunch larger support network now. I have friends in the area that can help me out – take me to appointments when my hubby is out of town. It feels so much better going into this knowing that I have friends that I can call on for help, or just companionship when I’m hobbling about – friends that I will drop everything to help if they need me. For that I am thankful.

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