SF Pride


Yesterday, my hubby and I and friends got a chance to march in the San Francisco Pride parade with the Bay Area Young Survivors – and organization that provides support for those diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 45 (ish). The group is an intentionally open organization – often looking at which gender pronouns we use, and how our language choices are either inclusive or not so much. Marching in Pride tells everyone who sees us that we are a welcome organizations.

Our signs were interesting – in addition to the equal rights posters, we also had many saying things like “F$ck Cancer”, as well as a memorial picture of the very remarkable Janet Sollod, and a few more about the impacts of healthcare.


What really struck me was that when the crowd saw us, they often switched from cheering to clapping. It was really powerful.

This was also my friend Lori’s birthday weekend – so I’m so glad I was able to march along beside her.


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