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I mentioned in a previous post that in the new year I’ll be starting a new treatment to help reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence. Since then, hubby has found for me a link to the studies that were presented at the clinical cancer conference in San Antonio. Thanks go to Anne at Chemobrain Fog for posting links to the presentations. I’m going to post two of the video clips below.

It will be interesting to see what my insurance says about the denosumab. They made me do the injections of Nulasta (at $5000 per shot, I’m amazed that they trusted me to do them myself). Denosumab is similar in that it is a subcutaneous injection. We shall see. Given that I have low bone density (osteopenia), my insurance should cover the injection.

And so, in the new year I will begin a new breast cancer treatment regime that will also help to address issues with bone loss (which in part could have been caused by undiagnosed celiac disease). What I don’t know is when do I get a follow up bone density scan to see if it is working? Likely not for 6 months or a year – maybe even longer.

Crossing my fingers that I tolerate the new Aromatise Inhibitor and denosumab well. It means that treatment to reduce recurrence includes Lupron once every 3 months, Denosumab once every 6-months, and a daily Aromatise Inhibitor pill. These are part of my “wellness” treatments!

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  • Wow, Rebecca, seems 2015 may be a year we both leave behind us, and good riddance.

    Onward and Upward with the new energy that comes with a new year!

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