Celebrating successes

One of the things I think is important is to not just talk about the tough parts of cancer and illness, but also to celebrate success – however small or large they are. Sometimes just having a good day is a success.

The success I want to celebrate today is that I swam 1600m (40 laps in my 20m lap pool). The only other time I’ve swum that far was this time last year – as I was starting Paclitaxol chemo. The chemo regime slowly eroded away my energy and my ability to physically do things.

I got back in the pool in April. I reported on April 29 that I could do a grand total of 6 laps! Getting back in the pool was difficult. Swimming was even more difficult. It provides a test of both my mobility and my strength. In order to do front crawl, one needs full range of motion. In order to breast stroke, one needs strong pectoral muscles (or at least not horribly weak ones!).

And so, today I celebrate my success of swimming 1600m. My range of motion is excellent. I’m getting stronger every day – such that now I can do breast stroke for as long as need/want.

So, today is a good day.

  • Becky


  • Congratulations, 1600 meters is a LONG way. That sure counts as good day.

  • I agree with Scott. Sounds like a very good day to me.

  • Great news! Ill bet it felt wonderful.

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