AC Cycle 4

So today was my last cycle of AC chemo (yay). In theory, the T chemo that follows has less side effects (little nausea). Brought in my new clown to show off to all the nurses. He was a big hit!
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It turned into a long day. We had a delay seeing the nurse practitioner to get sign off on chemo – unfortunately that delay turned into a 2.5-3hour delay. Then we had another delay on the saline drip for rehydration, which caused about another additional hour. So we arrived at Stanford at 11:20 and did not finish at transfusion until after 7pm. Add in the 30-45 minute drive each way and it definitely made for a long day.

It looks like I’ll be Stanford bound again tomorrow morning for a transfusion. My red blood cell and other related things have been getting progressively lower with each dose of AC. So, at this point they are recommending a transfusion. Apparently, any medication that would treat this would take 6-8 weeks to take effect, and the side effects are actually less with the the transfusion. However, I apparently have some anti-bodies in my blood which means that the donated blood needs to be more closely screened to match my blood. I have an appointment tomorrow morning, but the blood might not be ready – so we are to call first before driving up.

The new blood is due to come at a time when I usually have a low – so it might turn into a real blessing – giving me more energy when I typically don’t have much. Crossing my fingers that they find a match before tomorrow morning.

Either way, this is the last dose of AC – so worthy of celebration. 🙂

  • Becky


  • I’ll cross my fingers for you!

  • Becky Joe I cannot express my love for you.I’m in awe of you and every day you have made my heart smile.I believe in you and know in my heart of hearts that your going to be just fine.We both love you to bits!! Pat and Tom Hay

  • Congratulations on the last AC chemo cycle. Interesting about the transfusion though it makes sense to use it to bring your cell count up rather than wait for your system to recover–and risk the return of the cancer I assume.

    Timing must be critical for this and that seems a characteristic of cell development in general. Most diseases simply run you down but cancer seems a more sophisticated foe? And please don’t take that comment as cruel. I mean it as a testament to your strength and honesty to not hide from this.

    Your clown looks a bit unhappy though. Being a back-woods guy he’s probably missing a good squirrel hunt. Something I don’t think Palo Alto is famous for:-)

    You, on the other hand are looking good!


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