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Talking about blogging with bloggers #vcept

I’m excited that on Thursday I’ll get to meet a bunch of illness (health) bloggers that I have followed for some time (e.g. Marie Ennis O’Connor (https://journeyingbeyondbreastcancer.com/), Beth Gainer (http://bethgainer.com/), Caroline Frankovich Ronten (http://carolinemfr.blogspot.ca/), Britni Brown O’Donnell (https://bestliaryouknow.wordpress.com/), Alicia Staley (http://www.awesomecancersurvivor.com/), Terri Coutee (http://diepcjourney.com/), and Scott Johnston (https://scottx5.wordpress.com/) . I’ll be meeting them virtually, but… Read More »

QUB ePatient Conference and Virtually Connecting

I mentioned in a previous post that we’ll be trying to do some virtually connecting at the conference I’m presenting at in Belfast. The conference is “QUB ePatients Conference: The medical, ethical, and legal repercussions of blogging and micro-blogging experiences of illness and disease“.  I am really excited to report that we have two sessions… Read More »

Virtually Connecting at ePatient blogging conference @vconnecting

In September I’m headed out to the UK for a couple of conferences. One of them is an ePatient conference on the medical, ethical, and legal repercussions of blogging and microblogging experiences of illness and disease, hosted by Queens University in Belfast (conference link here). At the conference I’ll be reporting on the impact survey… Read More »