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Nature has more beauty

Someone in one of my networks commented that after diagnosis, nature has more beauty. That suddenly you are more aware of the beauty that surrounds you. I’ve definitely noticed that when I go out riding or walking. I’m finding the bike path behind our place particularly beautiful these days. Today, rather than riding (it was… Read More »

Knowing what to expect

“In my experience, fear comes from not knowing what to expect and not feeling you have any control over what’s about to happen. When you feel helpless, you’re far more afraid than you would be if you knew the facts. If you’re not sure what to be alarmed about, everything is alarming.” (Chris Hatfield in… Read More »

‘Why me?’ versus ‘it is what it is’

I hear others say things like ‘why me?’ and I’m somewhat surprised that I have yet to have that feeling. Perhaps it is a bit of denial, but also I wonder if it is related to my outlook on life. I’m not a theist (I don’t believe in a god). I see the world as some… Read More »