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Thank you University of Chicago Medicine (@CureCeliac)

The kind folks at University of Chicago Medicine Celiac Disease Center have a program where they send out care packages to those of us who are recently diagnosed with celiac disease (requires formal diagnosis either with biopsy or via current protocols). The Gluten Free Care Package contains some food samples, a bunch of coupons, and some… Read More »

Learned helplessness

In education, there is a theory that talks about “learned helplessness” (actually it is behaviorist psychology). Learned helplessness occurs when an animal is repeatedly subjected to an aversive stimulus that it cannot escape. Eventually, the animal will stop trying to avoid the stimulus and behave as if it is utterly helpless to change the situation.… Read More »


Back at Medicine X Ed, one of the speakers mentioned an online journal that was written and run by medical students, called In-Training. I tweeted out asking if they would accept articles written by patients? I was encouraged to submit something. And so, I’ve been reflecting on various experiences to see if they might be valuable to… Read More »

Researching my illnesses

At one point in time, I stopped researching my illness. I didn’t start researching about breast cancer. In the early days, I couldn’t research. I couldn’t mentally process the papers, but I also wasn’t willing to filter through it all. And I certainly didn’t want to hear all the bad stuff. Then at some point… Read More »

Celiac … it’s a real thing

I recently asked an online celiac support group what messages they would like to send to an audience of healthcare professionals. I was really surprised at one of the answers. People wanted a formal letter from their doctor to their family members explaining that celiac was a real thing, and that gluten cross contamination was… Read More »


DNR … it is a gift you give your loved ones, although it is a really difficult one to hear. My father is currently being evaluated to see if he qualifies for a double-lung transplant. His current lungs have been damaged by sarcoidosis – an auto-immune disease that was likely made worse by undiagnosed/untreated celiac… Read More »

Would a female doctor have written the same prescription?

The lymphedema doctor said that I needed to wear a level 2 compression garment on my left arm and hand until the swelling goes away – anytime that I’m awake. This could be 6-12 months or never. In addition, I need to wear level 1 compression on my right prophylactically when I: fly, am over… Read More »