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More time together

I recall someone mentioning that one of the things they enjoyed during treatment was all the extra time they spent with their spouse. This is something that had not really occurred to me. My hubby and I spent every waking moment (pretty much) together for 16-months while on our bike trip. Then we spent 1… Read More »

So I bit the head off of the repair guy

It has been one of those kind of days. Actually, I managed to get some real work done this morning, so it hasn’t been a total write off. But I’m tired. Every little errand tires me out. My body aches and I’m nauseated. So when the repair guy called saying that he was at the front… Read More »

Picturing a morning sail

This morning we headed off to San Francisco for a morning sail on USA 76 with ACSailingSF. We almost missed the boat, arriving just as they were about to cast off. Fortunately, we got there just in time, and they nicely sent someone up to fetch us at the gate. Hopping on the boat, I… Read More »

Picturing a walk

Yesterday we went for a 6km walk along the Guadeloupe trail which runs just behind our condo complex. For the first part of the walk, I took the lower path hoping to get better pictures of the birds. Unfortunately, the grasses along the river grow so tall that I couldn’t actually see the river through… Read More »

Recommended reading

Kelley Doyle Philbin writes an elegant post entitled “EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW IN LIFE I LEARNED WHEN I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER!” that I highly recommend. I found a lot of her words resonated – both with my experience and with the experiences that others have shared with me during various support groups… Read More »