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Each year on December 6 …

Each year on December 6, I remember the École Polytechnique massacre. At the time, I was a student at the University of Ottawa studying computer science (which was in the Faculty of Engineering). I was one of 4 or 5 girls in my entire class. We didn’t have cohorts, so I don’t remember the overall size… Read More »

No chocolate or coffee for a month??

Of all the things the resident said, this was the one that stuck – no coffee or chocolate (more specifically, no caffeine) for a month after surgery. You see, caffeine is a vessel constrictor (it makes your blood vessels smaller). Microsurgery involves reattaching things at the vascular level – and as such, you want the… Read More »

Finger tip feelings …

So the neuropathy in my finger tips must be getting better because, when the nail doctor ‘trimmed’ off the bad nails, I was left with areas of my nails having a very odd sensation – and there is no mistaking that I’m feeling it! The doctor trimmed the bad parts but I told him that… Read More »

Swollen ankles and crazy nails

I’ve been experiencing stiffness in my ankles for over a month now (before Hawaii). I blamed neuropathy on the stiffness. It meant that I wasn’t using my ankles properly while walking – causing my calves to get nasty knots in them. In Canada, I discover that using Voltaren cream meant a significant improvement in mobility… Read More »

What’s stopping me?

Since being diagnosed with cancer, one of the questions I find I ask myself is “what’s stopping me?” More specifically, “what’s stopping me from doing what I want to do?” I now find myself questioning the answers. Am I not doing it because I physically cannot? unfortunately, this too often is the answer … but… Read More »