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Goals for YogaMOOC – and breathing after breast cancer surgery

This week we were challenged with setting our goals for Yoga MOOC – truth be told, I didn’t watch the entire goal video. I’m good at setting small manageable goals as well as longer term stretch goals. My goal for YogaMOOC is to try everything at least once. I’m working my way through the videos,… Read More »

Are you your disease?

My research looks at the first 35 weeks of my personal experience with breast cancer as I’ve documented it on this blog. A couple of the themes associated with my dissertation data analysis relate to learning about the disease and negotiating identity. I think that this graph is particularly interesting: When I look at this, I… Read More »


With a little help from my friends, I’ve decided to jump in and try out the Yoga MOOC – which starts next week (this week is week 0). A MOOC is a free open online course (MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course). You can pay money and get a certificate of completion, but really,… Read More »


They say that seeing a partial solar eclipse is nothing like seeing totality. xkcd sums it up nicely in this image: This was the start of our vacation. We had a crazy rush drive north to ensure we made it into the path of totality. We took a few pictures before totality, but when it… Read More »

Nancy’s summer blog post challenge

Thanks to Marie’s weekly round-up, I did not miss this year’s summer blog post challenge from Nancy. This year’s challenge involved answering 10 questions. I found myself linking back to blog posts. My research involves analyzing my posts for the first 8-months, so I am very familiar with what I wrote in that timeframe. I’m… Read More »