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Shopping for some shapewear

I’m healing. I’m also starting to think of the surgery last Tuesday as my last surgery – the last surgery as part of my active treatment for breast cancer. Arguably, this surgery wasn’t part of my breast cancer treatment, rather it was follow up ‘revision’. It was mostly cosmetic, except for the hole in my stomach,… Read More »

Tuesday’s Surgery

It was definitely a day full of drama, but I’m glad it all worked out in the end. I was amazingly calm throughout the wait. It all really began on Monday morning when I called my surgeons office to let them know I had a fever on Saturday and Sunday nights. The fever cleared up… Read More »

Plastic surgery and post breast cancer vanity / guilt

When I told one of my colleagues at the University of Ottawa that I was moving to Silicon Valley in California, she comment that she thought it was “Silicone valley, because of all the fake boobs”. At the time it was rather funny. Living in California especially, the whole idea of cosmetic plastic surgery is… Read More »

Wound healing

Over the last week I’ve been amazed at how quickly my wounds are healing. For so long the progress has been slow. Last Thursday I was diagnosed with a skin infection  and treated with a broad-spectrum antibiotic. This week, my breast wound has all but closed (it wasn’t really healing before) and my stomach wound… Read More »