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Trivializing rather than educating … #breastcancerrealitycheck

Get your tickets today to meet our panel of famous judges: <redacted>, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion, <redacted>, First Lady of <city> and <redacted>, head of <radacted> Center for BRCA Research as they judge our unique display of decorated bras! <cancer charity> Board Member, <redacted> will discuss new breast reconstruction developments and a special patient will share… Read More »

What if patients made the recommendations?

I was reading through Caroline’s post about What I wish I had known before treatment. She mentions an article about recommendations from breast surgeons regarding prophylactic mastectomy. There is concern that more patients are opting for them, even though there is no oncological benefit (article is here – if you want a copy and don’t… Read More »

Ack my boobs are deflating

One of the selling points with the DIEP flap reconstruction surgery is that it uses your own body fat (belly fat) to reconstruct your breast. In the decision making process one of the “advantages” to this type of reconstruction is that as you gain or lose weight, your breasts will resize too. But what they don’t tell… Read More »

October – it’s just another month

Last year, I found myself reflecting on all the pinkness of October. I recall thinking that October will always mean something different for me. I blogged about how I wanted to kill all the tacky fundraisers and really talk about what it means to experience breast cancer – it isn’t about pink ribbons. This year,… Read More »