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Health (illness) bloggers

In my literature review for my research I came across a great article (Keating & Rains, 2015) on the social support health (illness) bloggers receive. The article does a good job looking at social support of bloggers over a three year period. One of the things that came clear in the article is the use… Read More »

What if patients made the recommendations?

I was reading through Caroline’s post about What I wish I had known before treatment. She mentions an article about recommendations from breast surgeons regarding prophylactic mastectomy. There is concern that more patients are opting for them, even though there is no oncological benefit (article is here – if you want a copy and don’t… Read More »

Blogs as a ‘service’ not a ‘treatment’

On the virtually connecting session yesterday we talked about the role blogging might play in healthcare. One question that Susan Adam’s (@edtechsight) asks us was how to educate patients about blogs (or inspire them to participate in the blogosphere)? She mentioned seeing something like a pamphlet or patient handout that talked about the role of blogs… Read More »

Talking about blogging with bloggers #vcept

I’m excited that on Thursday I’ll get to meet a bunch of illness (health) bloggers that I have followed for some time (e.g. Marie Ennis O’Connor (, Beth Gainer (, Caroline Frankovich Ronten (, Britni Brown O’Donnell (, Alicia Staley (, Terri Coutee (, and Scott Johnston ( . I’ll be meeting them virtually, but… Read More »

Usage guidelines for researchers who use blogs

I’m thinking of calling out to the blogging community (more specifically to the cancer blogging community – but I’m sure this extends to other blogospheres), in trying to create some way to signify to researchers how the blogger wants their blog to be used in research. I’m thinking something similar to what creative-commons has done… Read More »