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Survivorship plans

There is a theory that at some point after active treatment you have an appointment to review a survivorship plan. That is, what do you need to know and do once active treatment is over? How do you manage your health issues post treatment? I went to that appointment, but didn’t get much out of it.… Read More »

Does participation in the breast cancer blogosphere increase anxiety?

I just read an article about eHealth literacy and anxiety and it got me thinking. Actually I’ve been thinking about it a fair bit lately – since my last appointment with my breast surgeon. At that appointment, the nurse practitioner told me “you have been cured”. It is the first time that someone has used… Read More »

Incidental findings

Thursday, September 8th My eyes quickly scan over the MRI results. The summary diagnosis states “Neural foraminal stenosis”, I flip through the page reading further. “Broad disc bulges” stands out. I flip through to the second set of MRI findings. My eyes fixate on the word “T2-hyperintense area … lesion” In addition “there is a… Read More »