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Back at Medicine X Ed, one of the speakers mentioned an online journal that was written and run by medical students, called In-Training. I tweeted out asking if they would accept articles written by patients? I was encouraged to submit something. And so, I’ve been reflecting on various experiences to see if they might be valuable to… Read More »

Virtually Connecting at QUB ePatient Conference (#qubept)

After all the excited from the ALTC Conference in Manchester, I flew back to Belfast to attend a conference on ePatient – The medical, ethical and legal repercussions of blogging and micro-blogging experiences of illness and disease (#qubept). It was a small conference of about 30 attendees. You would not have known how small it was… Read More »

QUB ePatient Conference and Virtually Connecting

I mentioned in a previous post that we’ll be trying to do some virtually connecting at the conference I’m presenting at in Belfast. The conference is “QUB ePatients Conference: The medical, ethical, and legal repercussions of blogging and micro-blogging experiences of illness and disease“.  I am really excited to report that we have two sessions… Read More »

How do I be an ‘engaged patient’ in a hospital gown? #medx

Since my diagnosis with breast cancer, I’ve seen many different specialists (breast surgeon, medical oncologist, chemo dermatologist, plastic surgeon). My doctors appointments have gone something like this. Medical assistant takes my vitals Medical assistant directs me to remove clothing (usually waist up) and put on a gown (opening in front) I wait for the doctor.… Read More »

The conversation project – and some end-of-life thoughts #medx

One of the bits of recommended “reading” in the Patient Engagement Design MOOC I’m taking is about The Conversation Project. The video talks about the importance of having conversations about what you want your end-of-life to look like. So that when your care givers are facing decisions, they know what you really want. I’m not sure… Read More »