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Is moving back to Canada and the improved quality of life worth living a shorter life?

This post crossed my stream today – ‘The face of health-care crisis’: Cancer patient calls out N.S. premier in viral video This is what scares me most about moving back to Canada … the lack of access to Family Doctors is a huge issue – especially when the system is setup with the Family Doctor as… Read More »

Just do it …

I remember during my childhood there was this participACTION campaign about trying to get people off the couch and exercising more. I can hear the sounds of music associated with the commercials, and remember the “breaks” they had. I’m now coming back from a broken rib followed by a bout of bronchitis. I had that… Read More »

A heaviness

I have been feeling a heaviness lately that I could not quite place. I had originally put it on my lupron shot – the heaviness associated with ongoing cancer treatments – but that wasn’t it. The visit to the cancer center always reminds me of Lori. I spent a fair amount of time bringing her… Read More »