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Celiac disease research update #celiac

If you have celiac disease in your family, I highly recommend a quick read of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center’s annual report – it is a short synopsis of relevant research (free – What I find particularly interesting is the link between the gene and a virus. This is especially important for families… Read More »

I almost didn’t go …

My proposal for a paper presentation at the Health Humanities Consortium Conference in Houston in March was accepted. When I was first accepted I was really excited about it. Then the plane tickets cost a little more than I’d like. I found myself doubting – do I really want to go? I found myself justifying… Read More »

Celiac dreams #celiac

I look at the meal in front of me and take a few bites. I sample the desert and think this is pretty mediocre. I look down at my plate and note that I’ve eaten half of everything – the main course, the bun, and the dessert. And then it occurs to me, I forgot to… Read More »