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Powerful, tearful, and memorable weekend at Commonweal

When Lori mentioned to me that the MBC (Metastatic Breast Cancer) weekend at Commonweal – two and half day retreat for young (those diagnosed with breast cancer under 45) women with metastatic breast cancer – had space that was not going to be filled, I found myself wondering if they would accept me to join them even… Read More »

Fatigue …

The Cyberknife brain radiation certainly made mom tired. We were expecting it, at least partially, because she was tired going into it and her body is fighting off the cancer. Monday we had an oncologist appointment. Mom had a bunch of different symptoms and we could not tell what might be cause by Sutent (sunitinib… Read More »


I wrote this on Sunday, June 24th – one week before mom passed away. I saved it as private, because I needed to write it, but I also wasn’t willing to share it while mom was alive. I didn’t want to be the nay-sayer, or the one in the family who did not have a… Read More »


Today’s theme is uncertainty. I don’t do uncertainty well. I never have. Cancer hasn’t really changed that. This morning I was uncertain about whether or not mom should go to the hospital. I felt the pressure of knowing that someday, likely soon, I will have to make that call. Fortunately, not today. My hubby highlighted… Read More »