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The Cost of Appearances

In reading the chapter ‘The Cost of Appearances’ in Arthur Frank’s (1991) At the Will of the Body, reminded me of my first Doxorubicin (Adriamycin other wise referred to as A chemo) chemotherapy injection. I wrote about the experience very briefly in a post The First Day Of Chemo on my blog. In my blog post,… Read More »

Decide who you trust

A friend (Marie Ennis O’Connor) has asked me to blog about something that I’ve learned through my experiences with breast cancer. I went back through my blogs, looking for this story, and realized that I did not tell it. Perhaps it is because it is a learning through reflection, rather than an in-the-moment type story.… Read More »

Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Effective treatment of established CIPN, however, has yet to be found. Lastly, paclitaxel causes a unique acute pain syndrome which has been hypothesised to be caused by neurologic injury. No drugs, to date, have been proven to prevent this toxicity.” (Wolf et al, 2008, p.1507) It occurred to me just yesterday that I need to do more… Read More »

Chemo Tourist

Today I was a chemo tourist. The infusion center I normally go to was full, so they booked me at the new Stanford infusion center in Redwood City. Boy is it swanky. Everything is so shiny and new. It totally does not feel at all the same as the Stanford Cancer Centre ITA.   I… Read More »