By | Sun November 15, 2015

Back at Medicine X Ed, one of the speakers mentioned an online journal that was written and run by medical students, called In-Training. I tweeted out asking if they would accept articles written by patients? I was encouraged to submit something. And so, I’ve been reflecting on various experiences to see if they might be valuable to share specifically with medical students.

Moments ago, my first article went live. It is a really short piece where I talked about my trip to the emergency room – you can read it here: Teachable Moments: An Evening in the Emergency Room.

As I reflect back on my experiences of the last year and half, I have a few other stories that are likely worthy of articles. I’m glad I’ve found a venue for publication of them (besides this blog).

Just as I was about to give up and not post something for today’s #nablopomo, I got the announcement that my article was live 🙂 … just goes to show how even when you are experiencing blog writers block, the universe throws you something to talk about …

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