Blogs as a ‘service’ not a ‘treatment’

On the virtually connecting session yesterday we talked about the role blogging might play in healthcare. One question that Susan Adam’s (@edtechsight) asks us was how to educate patients about blogs (or inspire them to participate in the blogosphere)? She mentioned seeing something like a pamphlet or patient handout that talked about the role of blogs… Read More »

Talking about blogging with bloggers #vcept

I’m excited that on Thursday I’ll get to meet a bunch of illness (health) bloggers that I have followed for some time (e.g. Marie Ennis O’Connor (, Beth Gainer (, Caroline Frankovich Ronten (, Britni Brown O’Donnell (, Alicia Staley (, Terri Coutee (, and Scott Johnston ( . I’ll be meeting them virtually, but… Read More »

Time passes by and we move forward

Yesterday was a significant anniversary. It was a day of transitions in my life. It was my father’s birthday (belated Happy Birthday Dad). It was the 8th anniversary of the launch of our GoingEast journey around the world without airplanes.  Two years ago today was the day I started chemotherapy. July 7th has so much significance… Read More »