Mammograms and overdiagnosis – a hard truth to hear #breastcancerrealitycheck

Friday while flipping through my RSS blog feed reader, I came across an blog post about an article on overdiagnosis. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where it was or I’d link back to it. The blog post was talking about recent research study: Welch, H. G., Prorok, P. C., O’Malley, A. J., & Kramer, B. S.… Read More »

Trivializing rather than educating … #breastcancerrealitycheck

Get your tickets today to meet our panel of famous judges: <redacted>, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion, <redacted>, First Lady of <city> and <redacted>, head of <radacted> Center for BRCA Research as they judge our unique display of decorated bras! <cancer charity> Board Member, <redacted> will discuss new breast reconstruction developments and a special patient will share… Read More »

#breastcancerrealitycheck – support a cure not awareness

This is what early stage breast cancer looks like. It doesn’t look like pretty breasts or pink ribbons. The artificial “awareness” campaigns like “no bra day” and “save the ta-tas” only serve to arouse young men who already have a hypersexualized impression of women.  Worse, the whole idea of no bra day doesn’t align with… Read More »

Incidental findings

Thursday, September 8th My eyes quickly scan over the MRI results. The summary diagnosis states “Neural foraminal stenosis”, I flip through the page reading further. “Broad disc bulges” stands out. I flip through to the second set of MRI findings. My eyes fixate on the word “T2-hyperintense area … lesion” In addition “there is a… Read More »

Book launch: Agony and Absurdity: Adventures in Cancerland: An Anthology

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at about 7:30pm Pacific I’ll be reading my chapter, titled “Window Shopping” for the launch of the latest Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) anthology titled: Agony and Absurdity: Adventures in Cancerland: An Anthology. I hope to have my reading periscoped – and if we manage that I’ll put the link in here. If you… Read More »