Danger and opportunity — oh ya, and four years of remission …

“More than a decade after writing At the Will of the Body, I still think of illness as a balance of danger and opportunity. The danger is that one can become lost in self-absorption from attending too long and too carefully to all that may be wrong in an ill body. The opportunity is in… Read More »

Anxiety and oncology visits

Many cancer patients and survivors experience what we affectionately call scanxiety – that is anxiety around taking scans. I realized while swimming this afternoon that I experience anxiety around my oncology visits, but not just that. When I have an upcoming oncology visit I seem to focus on and think that every symptom I have… Read More »

An escape to Indian Wells and the desert

When I found out that a friend from Ottawa was going to be in Indian Wells (near Palm Springs) for a conference, I seriously considered going to visit her. Then I looked into the conference more – the Literacy Research Association (LRA) annual conference. My academic supervisor suggested that I could benefit from attending. Going… Read More »

Lots of updates – missing dates – Lori’s memorial – getting back to the gym

For the first couple of years, every one of my treatment milestones was something I looked back on. I know the dates, but now I don’t necessarily recognize them. Had Facebook not shown me a menu from Stanford Hospital I would have forgotten that on November 19, 2014 I had my first cancer surgery. That… Read More »